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Choosing Local

Check out our friendly, knowledgeable staff! When choosing a home security company, it is always in your best interest to choose local when possible. The home security industry is saturated with big, faceless, nationwide companies that try to enter every city and take over the market. This is bad because once they sell and install your security alarm you will never see them again! Not only does a security alarm protect your property and family, it’s also an investment. You’ll want to make sure everything is working properly at all times, that the system’s “firmware” is up to [...]

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Top 10 Favorite Security Alarm Add-Ons

Top 10 Favorite Security Alarm Add-Ons (in no particular order) Smoke Detection - If you are asleep or away from your home you may not even realize that a fire has started. By having a smoke detector connected to your security system, as soon as smoke is detected the fire department is alerted automatically. That alone makes this the number one add-on for any security system. Not only does it help protect your home from burning to the ground but it provides instant peace of mind for the safety of our families. Carbon Monoxide Detection - Carbon monoxide is a [...]

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Top Ten Security Tips to Protect Your Family and Property in Amarillo or Anywhere

Top Ten Security Tips On How to Protect Your Family and Property Please remember while reviewing the following tips that security works best in layers. To be the most protected, it's best to follow as many security oriented habits as possible. This means not only having a cute and lovable "guard" dog who will warn you while you're home but also having things like a modern and effective security alarm system in place. Security system: Have a professional company such as Premier Alarm Solutions come out and install a security system. They will know what sensors are needed to cover [...]

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Premier Alarm Solutions Partners with Amarillo IT Companies

Premier Alarm Solutions Partners with Amarillo IT Companies Want to know one of the things that makes Premier Alarm Solutions your best choice for your security, alarm, or smart home needs? The range and depth of our technology understanding and experience! See, we're more than just your regular ol' alarm company: by partnering with two of Amarillo's best Information Technology companies, Andrews and Associates and CatManDu, we're able to tap into a much deeper level of technology understanding. And after all, we all know that technology progresses at a phenomenal speed! We've talked about the concept of "What is a Security [...]

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What is a Modern Security System?

Home security is no longer just “home security” – it can now also include partial or full home automation, if you choose. For example, our security systems allow you to not only arm and disarm your system from the security keypad, you can also do this from the convenience of your mobile phone. Did you know you can also do cool things remotely such as: Control your lights Lock and unlock doors Open and close your garage Adjust your thermostat See and talk with whoever’s at your front door View the security cameras in your system Turn appliances on and off [...]

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Summer is Here and so is Crime

With the arrival of summer comes not only a rise in temperatures but also a rise in crime! That’s right, burglaries typically increase in the warmer months. Not only that, burglars know when you’re away from your home. Many burglars are seasoned veterans in this type of crime and your home won’t be the first one they’ve tried to break into; however, with a quality security alarm from Premier Alarm Solutions, your house may be their last. An experienced intruder knows how to survey a potential house prior to breaking and entering, which many times is through an access point [...]

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