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When choosing a home security company, it is always in your best interest to choose local when possible. The home security industry is saturated with big, faceless, nationwide companies that try to enter every city and take over the market. This is bad because once they sell and install your security alarm you will never see them again!

Not only does a security alarm protect your property and family, it’s also an investment. You’ll want to make sure everything is working properly at all times, that the system’s “firmware” is up to date, and that everything is kept in tip-top shape. By choosing a nationwide company this can be a major problem. When something goes wrong you will spend hours on the phone — part of it talking to a machine, the other part talking to someone trying to tell you how to fix it. Frustrating!

Photo of staff with van - Tyler, Tyler, Jeremy, Tony

Tyler, Tyler, Jeremy, and Tony

By choosing a local company like Premier Alarm, if you notice any issues you can simply call the local office direct and speak with a real person! Often a technician can come right out and fix the problem immediately. Alternatively, after trying to teach you how to fix an issue by yourself over the phone, nationwide companies typically schedule an appointment for a technician to come out to look at the issue — but since the company doesn’t actually have a local presence it can take weeks to get your issue resolved. Not only that but when someone does show up it will most likely be from a company that didn’t install your alarm in the first place!

Choosing local is always your best option and guarantees you the best service. Nationwide companies may also sell out and change names and ownership a few times over the years which means the way things are handled are always changing, which can cause a big hassle for you.

Photo of staff with van - Aaron, Seth, Tyler, Justin

Aaron, Seth, Tyler, and Justin

Make it easy on yourself and go with a local security alarm company! Local companies offer the same things as the nationwide companies but usually at better prices and you are sure to get better service – at least with Premier Alarm Solutions you will! The bottom line is before choosing a security company you should shop around. At Premier Alarm Solutions we are locally owned and operated in Amarillo and Lubbock, TX., we offer competitive rates and contract lengths, lifetime warranty options, and top-notch customer service! For all your security and alarm needs in Amarillo, Lubbock, and the surrounding areas, give us a call today and help us keep it local!

(That’s right — we have three Tyler’s!)