Top 10 Favorite Security Alarm Add-Ons

(in no particular order)
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  • Smoke Detection – If you are asleep or away from your home you may not even realize that a fire has started. By having a smoke detector connected to your security system, as soon as smoke is detected the fire department is alerted automatically. That alone makes this the number one add-on for any security system. Not only does it help protect your home from burning to the ground but it provides instant peace of mind for the safety of our families.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection – Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that you can’t see or smell and it can strike at any time without warning. Having a carbon monoxide detector placed in areas around gas appliances and near bedrooms is a sure way to save your family from a potential carbon monoxide disaster. By having them tied into a security system not only will they alert the fire department of a leak but you will also be alerted when the batteries need to be changed. They are definitely worth the investment.
  • Glass Break Detection – The number one way burglars gain entrance to a home is by going through a back door. The second most common way is through a widow. If you keep all your windows locked then they will have to break it to get in. Many burglars will break a window, reach in to unlatch the lock, open and then crawl through the window. With glass break detection, the alarm will sound and alert you and the authorities as soon as the glass is shattered. At that point, just the sound of the alarm going off should scare them away before they even attempt to enter.
  • Window Sensors – If a window is left unlocked and a burglar discovers this, all they need to do is open it and crawl through. By having motion detectors in the house the alarm will go off when the burglar crosses its path, but by adding window sensors you can stop them from ever even entering. Widow sensors will immediately activate the alarm when the window is lifted which won’t allow any time for the burglar to enter before the alarm goes off.
  • Water Leak Detection – Have you ever come home to a busted pipe under the sink, a backed-up washing machine drain, or a water heater that’s burst? We all know what a mess it can be and the hassle of dealing with insurance on a water claim. What if you could be texted as soon as unwanted water started to flow? It would help ensure it was stopped before it’s too late, that’s for sure. Well that is exactly what a leak detector connected to your alarm system will do. Most people don’t even know this is available but it sure is worth adding.
  • Automatic Door Locks – Adding door locks to your alarm system not only always you to make sure your doors are always locked but also makes letting trusted people in and out a breeze! If you add one to your security system you can lock and unlock them from your phone or computer from anywhere in the world, set up schedule to auto lock at certain times of the day, receive text alerts letting you know if you forgot to lock your doors, and even track by name who keeps coming and going. The most import thing to security is keeping things locked up and there is no better way than adding an automatic door lock to your security system.
  • Garage Door Control – How many times have you driven away from your house and thought, “Did I shut my garage door?” What if you could look at your phone and see if it was opened or closed? What if not only could you see the status of your door but you could actually open and close it remotely too? Well that is exactly what can be done with garage door control being added to your security system. Not only that but just like the door locks it can be used to let people in and out, you can see when it was opened and closed, and you can even be texted when it is left open. Remember: keeping everything closed and locked up is required to stay secure, so having complete control while away from your house not only makes it easy to do, it also gives you instant peace of mind!
  • Cameras – Once you have your house completely secured to keep unwanted guests from getting in that doesn’t mean someone still won’t be creeping around outside. A lot of people park their cars in the driveway or have frequent packages delivered, but what is protecting them? Car and package theft are both on the rise, but with the rapid advancements with video surveillance catching someone in the act is easy to do. With high resolution video cameras and even doorbells at affordable prices it is one of the best add-on features. Get notifications straight to your phone in real time with motion sensing cameras and doorbells, talk to someone who’s at your door via 2-way doorbell capabilities, and even have recorded video to go back and review. Video cameras are a must have for a totally secure house and are viewable by phone or computer from anywhere in the world.
  • Light Control – Adding light control to any house is a great luxury but it can also be an amazing deterrent. Not only can you turn lights on and off from your phone while lying in bed, sitting on the couch or a vacation, you can also a have lights come on according to a schedule or turn on when the doorbell rings causing the illusion that someone is home even when you aren’t. So, it is not just a convenient add-on, it’s also added protection to your already-secured home.
  • Thermostats – Although thermostats don’t really add protection they can definitely save you money on your gas and electric bills. This savings combined with the savings on insurance you receive from just having a security alarm makes the security alarm system basically pay for itself. Thermostats can also be adjusted from anywhere by your phone, but the best part is that they can be set on a schedule and adjust automatically while you are home or away.
Almost all security companies include a touchscreen keypad, all exterior doors, a couple of motion detectors, and app control in the basic package. Adding to your system and taking full advantage of all its abilities is well worth it. A professional security company such as Premier Alarm Solutions should let you know all the add-on’s available and should inspect the house and advise you on the most effective ways to protect your family and property. The add-ons listed above should be available with any new security system currently and the best part about adding all the options to your security system is that you can control them all by one app.