Top Ten Security Tips On How to Protect Your Family and Property

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Please remember while reviewing the following tips that security works best in layers. To be the most protected, it’s best to follow as many security oriented habits as possible. This means not only having a cute and lovable “guard” dog who will warn you while you’re home but also having things like a modern and effective security alarm system in place.

  • Security system: Have a professional company such as Premier Alarm Solutions come out and install a security system. They will know what sensors are needed to cover your house to help keep the bad guys out. All exterior doors need to be monitored; windows sensors, glass break detectors covering all areas of the back of your property, and motion detectors will get you the coverage you need.
  • Be sure to keep all your doors and windows locked: If you open your windows while you are home be sure to close and lock them before you leave. Double-check you lock your door when you leave. Unlocked or opened doors or windows are the first thing that a burglar looks for.
  • Change your locks if your just bought your home: When moving into a new home the first thing you should do is replace all of your locks or have them rekeyed. You never know who still may have a key. For renters, ask to be sure that the locks were changed after the last tenant moved out.
  • Trim all tall bushes: Tall bushes close to or on the side of a house is the perfect place for a burglar to lurk. Keeping them trimmed will help eliminate some of their favorite hiding spots.
  • Install locks on gates: Most burglars walk right through the back gate and enter through the back of the house it is just an easy in and out. The simple act of installing locks on your gates can deter a would-be guy enough to move on to the next (easier) opportunity. Not only will it be more difficult for a burglar to break in without being seen, because he’ll have to scale climb the fence first, it will definitely be much more difficult for him to get away with anything that encumbers him as any stolen items will need to go back over the fence with him on his way out!
  • Become friends with your neighbors: It’s always a good idea to be aware of the folks you live around and to talk with your neighbors. There are many times when you may be away but your neighbors are home and can alert either you or the police if they see or hear anything suspicious. Also, find a trusted neighbor who lives close who will keep an eye on your home while you are away.
  • Keep lights on outside at night: Leaving porch lights on and having motion-activated lights will help keep bad guys away by making them more detectable. Having automated lights on the sides of your home is also a good idea as this can give the illusion that you are home, while in fact, you are not.
  • Install cameras: Not only do modern cameras provide crystal clear images, many cameras now offer text notifications to your mobile phone when motion is detected. This is a great way to be alerted as soon as someone approaches your property.
  • Don’t let the world know you are on vacation: Wait until you return from your vacation before you post photos all over social media. This is the fastest way to get unwanted guests while you are away and many people have unfortunately had to learn this the hard way.
  • Get a dog: Dogs are not only wonderful companions they also happen to be great at detecting humans and will definitely alert you when someone is near. Well, a good watchdog will. Most of the time. However, this will only work while you are home;  beware if the burglar knows your routine and you are gone — many times a dog will not stop them. And keep in mind that even if you have the greatest guard dog in the work, Fido probably isn’t able to send you any alert notifications while you’re away. In fact, I use my security system to help protect my dogs!

These are just a few of the things you can do to increase your home security. Modern security systems can also be the start or part of of a cool smart home which is capable of much more than your father’s old alarm system! Give us a call today to find out more and how we can help give you peace of mind by being more secure!