Mobile phone with keyHome security is no longer just “home security” – it can now also include partial or full home automation, if you choose. For example, our security systems allow you to not only arm and disarm your system from the security keypad, you can also do this from the convenience of your mobile phone. Did you know you can also do cool things remotely such as:

  • Control your lights
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Open and close your garage
  • Adjust your thermostat
  • See and talk with whoever’s at your front door
  • View the security cameras in your system
  • Turn appliances on and off
  • And so much more?!

The best part is you can control all this remotely from one convenient app and you don’t even have to be at home or even in Amarillo to access the system – you can control and monitor the system anywhere in the world! Not only can you control your system and connected devices, you can stay connected to your property 24 hours a day while you’re away because you’ll also receive mobile notifications of events such as someone being at your front door, severe weather in the area, power outages, and even attempted break-in’s. You even have the power to give trusted others access to your home by providing them with their own access codes. This means while you’re away on vacation you’ll know that your nephew is stopping by to feed and water Fido when he said he would.

Every day when my daughter returns home from school I receive an alert that gives me peace of mind by knowing she made it home safely and on time. I also receive a notification when packages are dropped off at my house. Heck, I even receive a video clip of the carrier delivering the package that I can access if I’d like.

I have my thermostat set to automatically adjust when I’m at home or away. I let my parents in remotely to feed my dogs while I’m on vacation. I have lights set up to come on at certain times or automatically when someone rings the doorbell so it appears that someone is always home – even when I’m not.

The 24-hour smoke detector will automatically notify the fire department in case of fire. I have a carbon monoxide (silent and odorless but potentially deadly) detection monitor set up to warn me if the gas is detected at dangerous levels. Water leak sensors are set up to detect and notify me of any water leaks near my water heater, under my sinks, and by my washing machine. Not only is this convenient, it can also save me lots of money for repairs I won’t have to make because I caught the leak before it became really bad.

There’s so much that can be included with a security system today it’s almost unbelievable – it’s a bit like living in the future! Not only do I get to protect my family and property, I get a smart home, too — and I love it! I save money on my home owner’s insurance just for having a security alarm and I save even more by having fire protection too. I also save on my electric bill with the smart thermostat; the system basically pays for itself. Contact us today to see what amazing things our affordable systems can do!