Burglar with crowbarWith the arrival of summer comes not only a rise in temperatures but also a rise in crime! That’s right, burglaries typically increase in the warmer months. Not only that, burglars know when you’re away from your home. Many burglars are seasoned veterans in this type of crime and your home won’t be the first one they’ve tried to break into; however, with a quality security alarm from Premier Alarm Solutions, your house may be their last. An experienced intruder knows how to survey a potential house prior to breaking and entering, which many times is through an access point in the rear of the home that isn’t in easy view of the street or your neighbors. Most burglaries occur either during the day when you (and your neighbors) are at work or when you’re otherwise away from home.

Burglars of course prefer to remain concealed but by adding security cameras with texting notifications, this can easily be stopped. Even if it’s dark, many of these cameras detect motion based on heat. Did you know your home is three times more likely to be broken into without a security system than your neighbor who does have such a system in place? Please remember: not all criminals who break and enter are there to steal, some are to commit violent crimes by harming you or your family. Sometimes people consider the term “burglar” to be only a thief who’s there to steal your property. But anyone who illegally “breaks and enters” someone’s home is committing a home invasion. There’s a lot at stake!

Living in Amarillo, we tend to think of this a relatively crime-free or low-crime area but did you know Amarillo and many of the surrounding towns rank much higher than the national average when it comes to certain types of crime? Amarillo crime statistics

Don’t be the person who calls after a break-in! Be proactive and get your family and property professionally protected by contacting us today for a free consultation!